Race of Glory
→ Turbo Typen geben Gas!

May 2014

1 week, 5 teams, 11 countries and a car that must not exceed the price of €450. Does it makes sense? NO. Is it the journey of a lifetime? HELL YEAH!

Germany → Czech Republic → Austria → Slovakia
Hungary → Croatia → Bosnia → Serbia → Kosovo
Macedonia → Greece


Listen, if you would like to soak up the atmosphere way better:

Space to breath!




After three days continuous rain we ended up in
the middle of the flood disaster in the Balkans.
The people there still need help. If you would like
to support them with a donation, please click here.



And the winner is: Team "Four Fists For Thessalonik". Congrats boys!


Good bye sweet lady. You won't be forgotten. Promised!


And last but not least mad love to the most attractive old
men's racing team on earth: the world famous Bang Bus!